Blackmore Essex

Jericho Cottage
The Duckpond Green
Essex CM4 0RR
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Furniture Repairs

Accidental Damage

When I first saw this lovely old early19th century late Georgian chest of drawers, it was in a sorry state. It's owner had had an accident with it, and it was about to be relegated to the skip. I often restore small pieces of furniture. Easier said than done, it weighed a ton, and I'd overestimated my strength and  underestimated it's size. I quickly realised that restoring it was beyond my capabilities.

Repair & Restore

After a few days of staring at it, and trying to work out how to cope with it I gave in.... I rang a business contact Clive Beardall.  I knew he would share my determination to save it, and had the ability and workshop to cope with it. He came and collected it and I reclaimed my sundeck!   Forty work hours later the chest of drawers was restored to it's former glory. A happy ending for an antique, which could so easily have been bonfire material.